Guth & Tuairim, Márta 1980

lml. 1 Duirt an Taoiseach Charlie Hau~hey agus e ~g caint ag Ard Fheis Fianna_Fail le gairid: Anyone who. wishes to conduct his or her business through Irish with the State, its agencies .and institutions, and with local authorities, should have a clear right to do so and should be facilitated in exercising that right". ..,.. . Ach ta Proinsias 0 Mianain indiaidh seal a chaitheamh i bpriosUn i mBaile Atha Cliath tiosc nach raibh se indan a ghnoithe 'dheanamh tr1 Ghaeilge 'san chuirt 8.1 tiuJ... 6 was sent to Mountjoy by order of Justice J.P. Clifford and he couldn't appeal that order because many legal documents are not a vailable in Irish e.g. "Rules of the Superior Courts". "Cearta Gael", of which 6 Mianain is a member , · Luach " ./X? .Ach t! se soileir nach bhfuil p!irteach i nglu~iseacht Cearta_Gael ach mionlach beag. Caide a sh1leann muintir na Gaeltachta 1 gcoiteann don ghluaiseacht? I have personally met a lot of people who while in agreement with their objectives deeply resented the way they went about their work, especiallY. the paint of road signposts at the height .I have been active in this area for some time now and another or their members previously spent time in Jail. They have been responsible for obliterating and damaging road signposts e.g. the Rann na Feirste signpost on the of holiday season. Min na Leice/Anagaire road. They have also "Rogair1 Reatha as baile Isteach" and tb:ey are waged a long battle with Justice Clifford over held under suspicion in mucb the same way the use or the English Language in Gaeltacht that the so called "s-creamers" (for completely courts. Proinsias 6 Mian!in · in fact compared different reason_s) were never really accepted, Dungloe court to the Old Bailey. Recently by the Rosses community. they picketed the Garda Stations at Anagaire There _is a definite "them and us" attitude and Bunbeag because they say the Garda! there among local people. are getting paid a bonus of 7% for working Caide a sh1leann tusa? An bhruil Cearta Ga•l in the Gaeltacht, yet use the English Language ceart no contrail~ We'd like to hear the continuously in the course of their duties. opinions or people from this area so drop : ~==~~::~--------------------~~--~~~--~~~~u~s~aLJl~i~n~e~-~~- JB~h~e~a~r~f~a~i~d~h~m~u~i~d~g~u~· ~th~~d~u~i~tl~_:~- P. Ca,yle (Gaoth Dobhair) the Donegal Captain, receiving the Ulster Junior~ootball Championship trophy after Donegal won the final at Irvinest9Wn in the 50's. - Chuala muid uilig daoine ag emir :i:neadan mianadoireacht an Uranium. A eh seo anois d~n i bhfabhar na mianadoireachta. Uranium If loved Lough Finn could only talk What a tale that lake could tell, Qf hero IS bold in days Of old and how they fought so well. How Fionn MacCumhaill and all his band would hunt with lance and spear, When the hills re-echoed "Tally Ho" As they chased the fox and deer. But ·the lake and hills that saw those thrills now hear a different sound, of divers tongue of old and young and the boring of the ground. Hydraulic drills the mountain fills With a deafening deadly scream, the peaceful life Glenleighan knew is a joy that now has been. But that's the 'price we have to pay for progress we cannot hide, Let the "screamers" t' cream •Tith all their might they can't turn back the tide, We wont go back to candt~-light when the oil will be no more, So Uranium is our only hope God Bless the boys who bore. Pa Ward. ADVERTISEMENTS Bunbeag 265