Guth & Tuairim, Aibreán 1980

. IML. 2. UIMH. 1. We are one year old this Easter. Is · doiligh a chreidbheail go b:t;fui~ se. bliain o smaoitigh muid iris miosiul, aitiul a chuir ar an mhargadh. Ocht leathannach a bhi ann agus e deanta le photostat. Ins an eagaral t duirt muid, "d. suil againn go mbeidh tu ag leamh an phaipear seo go·mion minic san am ata le theacht". Previous local papers hadn't been very successful . " e.g. "An Ghaeltacht"; "The Rosses Review • They a good start but faded after a few issues. " It has not been easy for "Guth 7 Tuairim • Printing is very expensive an~ unfortunately, the result (as you know py now) is that we have had to increase the j price to 20p. But I am sure you will keep buying and keep supporting us. That support has meant that after selling 372 copies . of our first issue we are now selling 1,800 and 2,000 dosen't seem an impossibility. We have bee~ amazed at the response we got from the public when we asked for old photographs - and we're still getting them in. We have published some very interesting articles. We have come across some very good poems. ~he letters have been pouring in and we are thrilled about that. We are . pleased with our progress and at long last there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, because we are at last helping to get things done for this area. Several of our featured "Accident Black Spots" have been attended to by the Council. There is plenty more we can do and we enJoy the challenge. Coinnigh cuimhne, mar a duirt muid ins an chead eagran, "Bhearfaidh muidinne guth duit~ Sean Teach Phobail Dhoire Beaga. AIBR.EAN 1980 LUACH 201) I n-eagran na mf'osa 1 chuaigh thar,t d' fhoi:lsigh rnuid · dan a bh:l ibhfabhar inianadoireacht an Uranium. Ach s~o anois an taobh eile den sceal. llR-RNillM To 1 Pa Ward' from Atlantis -But when your streams are ~nning black, And your fish shine in the n1ght; When your kids are dead before ~hey're gorn, You' 11 wonder, "Who was right?" The men 1~ho say "We' 11 niake you rich - 1 Just let us rape your land; · 'Let's drill and dig without. a hitch– 'It won't get out of hand". Or the folk who, frowning, .shake their heads And prefer to put their trust In their own instinctive common sense Not in radioactive dust. Jobs galore for sure' ll be If the companies have their way - Digging graves for you and me In fluorescent clay. . So have your plug-in, switch-on light And your instantaneous he~t: . I prefer a life that requ1res some f1ght And I like my own two feet. For God's the best technician yet And before this time begun, He made quite sure our needs were met With his centrally heating Sun. And when your seas have no more r:ish And you daren't drink from your wel~, When Atlantis has qui t fair Donegal, Will you think we were mad to· yell? For this clean land we chose as home And here we meant to dwell, But now we're afraid this Heaven on Earth Is about to go to HelL .. If the price of pr.og~ ·ess 1!=< air y~:u can't breathe · And Uranium's your onl y hope, We'll soon be back in the caves anyway, So we might as well learn to cope • . ) . . I tell you, Mr. Ward, and clear, Though I'm not native to the Rosses, That I hold this land of yours more dear, Than all your mining bosses. Jenny James ADVERTISEMENTS Bunbeag 265