Guth & Tuairim, Deireadh Fómhair 1980

lmt 2 Uimh. 7 · . OUR KILLER ROADS -- ---- CO. COUNCIL Over the last year an~ a half this paper has high– lighted Accident Black Spots on our roads and called on the County Council to remedy them. Nov, we analyse them ~o see what action has been taken to minimise the dangers to the people of this community and to our many visitors. The first spot we featured, back in June 1979 was Andy Ward 1 s Corner (Gaotb, Dobhair). Absolutely no action has been taken, writes "the Wheel", who recommended yellow and black reflective stripes at the approach from each direction. Next, we went to Loch na nDeoran on the main road to Rann na Feirste, just beyond Hiuda:! Neid!' s. Again, a blind deceptive corner, where our correspondent wanted yellow and black reflective boards erected as a short– term measure until the corner could be made safe. Since then no action whatsoever has been taken by the Council. Theniwe went to Cloich Cheann Fbaola, to Machaire Rabharta!, where we featured a dangerous bend that had no warning signs and where many ·an accident had oocured especially to travellers going in the Gort a 1 Choirce - M!n Larach direction; To this day no action has been taken by the Council. Our next visit was to the road heading out of Bunbea~ towards Dore. From the old school at Cnoc a 1 Stolaire the next 2oq_ yards of road is too narrow and wide vehicles cannot pass in opposite directions safely. Already, a packed school "went off" over the grass verge and miraclously no-one was hurt. The Council's answer - dpmping a load of gravel at the side of the road. The bad corner at Mickey Bonner's, Glenahilt on the Burtonport- Keadue road was our ·next stop. Action was taken immediately on this spot by. the Council and the necessary warning signs were erected. Deireadh F6mhair 1980 luach 20p. TURN . A BLIND EYE at Gaoth tlobhair - Arduns featured next. Here at least the road markings and the warning -signs now agree. (At the time the article was written they contradicted each other!) But we still a...ait th~ warning sign from the Crolly direction. Incidentally, Kitty Ferry of the Corner· House tells me that thousands of visitors have to stop at this junction every· year to enquire about directions because of the inadequate sign-posting• Back in the Rosses, we looked. at a bad bend between Cloch Mhor Leim an tSionnaigh and Cro na gCuige where the river Crolly comes right alongside the road. Several cars have ended up in this river and thanks to the Council 1 s inaction the danger is "still there. We also suggested re-routeing the road to cut out a number of bad bends and provide a safer approach to a proposed new bridge over the river at Paddy Og's pub. Nothing has been done and now plans for the bridge are being denied. Our correspondent, "the Wheel" had a narrow escape heading towards Ma_chaire Rabharta:l from Gort a 1 Choirce, about 300 yards past the grotto ·at Ardsbeg. This spot he stumbled on by accident - well nearly~ Today there are still no warnilli signs whatsoever and still no solid white line in the middle of the road. Having survived that one, "the Wheel" pointed out another nasty bend - past the ·Cafe in DUn Luiche. Finally, last month we featured a narrow twisty bridge between Loch an Iuir and Anagaire ~ As yet, no warning signs or markingst Over the last year and a half while we talked about these dangerous spots numerous accidents have occured at them, while the Co. Council give us the same old familiar line, 'We have no moneyt' RUBBISH we say. They obviously dont give a damn about your safety and mine. They're not fighting for sufficient funds. We're not fighting -hard eno~h to get them off their backsides. Caithfidh muid ar nguth a bheith le cluinstin - Anoist The following month we highlighted the crossroads at Curransport - Glaisdobharchu, known locally as 1 an chrois 1 Here, some work was carried out, cros·sroad signs were ....-----------.... -~--~----~-- ..... erected on some of the approaches. But why wasn't the work finished? Then we hit out at the Lough Swilly bus that stops at Bunbeag crossroads ror several ·minutes every morning at about. 8.05 to 8.10, a very busy time of day for traffic. The bus blocks half the road just around a blind corner. Wb,y not stop 50 yards up the Cois Cladaigh road where .there's plenty of space, we asked. With the approaching frosty mornings this danger will be considerably increased. We also called on the Lough Swilly company to provide a bus shelter. No action taken~ The approach into Loch an Iuir from Dungloe was our next spot. Here, the warning sign has been re-erected and the road has been levelled. But we could do with .a more effective warning of the bad corner before going down the hill into the townle.nd. There is also a great need for a lay-by here so that tourists can stop and appreciate the beautifUl view over the lake. We went from there to a twisty, narrow bridge on the Ardsbeg-Derryconnor road. Still ·no warning signs or widening or the bridge. . The .1unction at the old Gaoth Dobhair railway station . -,. Oifig an ~oist ar an Fhalcarrach blianta tada o shoin. An c01ReACGAS Ta muid_ag .foilsiu eagran speisialta 'choinne an Oireachtais. Beidh se i nGaeilge uilig agus beidh se le fail ar an tseachtain s 1 chugainn. Watch out for our special Oireachtaa edition in the shops next week•