Guth & Tuairim, Iúil 1981

' . JACKS FAIR In days gone by Jack's Fair which took place in Meenaleck was one of the biggest and best fairs in the county and people travelled from far and near to be there on the 16th day of the month. The Summer Fair in particular which was always held on the 16th July was a very big occasion and was talked about for weeks in advance and indeed for weeks afterwards. As the drawing below shows Jacks-town was crowded on a fair day with stalls selling everything from delph to clothes to fruit and vegetables. The "jobbers were there of course from all over the county, arguing, buying and selling, and dealing and drinking their fill afterwards. But times change~ Along came the marts and sadly Jack's Fair came to an end in the mid 60's. !low, however Aonach Jack is set for a 1 revival as a festival of fun and music, and although the cattle, the horses, the sheep and the pigs won't be there it promises to be a big occasion with the proceeds from the various activities going to the disabled. It will start off with a band-parade on Thursday evening (16th) and continue until Sunday night• . The stalls will be back just like the good old days and at night there will be music and song, kany of the older generation will remember the golden years of the Slieve Fey and their comeback during the festival should be a major attraction as indeed will Clannad's concert which will close the event. Jo, it's worth looking forward to Aonach Jack 1931 and in this the Year of the Disabled it's fund– raising activities deserve all our support~ (See story inside). Aonach Jack i mbarr a reime. · -~~ · iif.rt, ;:.i.:. Beautiful ~~ Ward (18) from Mfn na Leice represented "Guth 7 Tuaiz<im" in the County Final of the ~1ary from Dung!oe competition which took place in 6stan na Rosann recently. Her hobbies include dancing, films and football and she works in Crolly ~""""'""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""''''''"'''''''''''''"'""""""""""""'""""""""'""~ "I don't believe my wife dresses to please me - if she did she'd wear last yeA~'s cln~hPs '"