Guth & Tuairim, Eanáir 1981

lml. 2 Uimh. 11 Having survived the choppy seas of 1980 when our future seemed in doubt, this paper f aces t he chal l enge of '81 with enthusiasm. January is the time f or all of us to plan ahead and that's just what we' r e doing at the moment. Our intentiQn is t o eet mor e actlvely· involved in community affairs during the year. For example, because this i s t he 'Year of t he Disabled'.·we will be featuring articles , highlighting the pro0lems of dis abled people. We will also be organising fund-raising activities to help the disabled. The future of this community will be ' decided by our y outh~ What are tt:e views of the young people o'f today? "Guth 7 Tuairim" is finding out by conducting ,a survey in community schools in the three parishes. - It should be an interesting, revealing study so 1.,ratch out f or i t 1 s results. We will continue to focus attention on the dr·eadf'ul acc ident black spots on our roads and we'll keep pr<>~sinrr the politicians to do something about. them• . Nvt,hing could give our many visitors a worse impression of this area than a dirty, badly run Fublic Bar or Lounge. So our pub-spy will be t elling you all about them. But it's not our intention to run-down and criticize unfairly. tlhat we want is to improve facilities for us all, and to encourage publicans to raise their standards we'll be running a 1 pub of the year' competition. . We'll also be keeping a watchful eye on t he shops to make sure that they ' re treating tb.e public fairly through our consumer affairs spot. Our las·t poetry competition was a great success and w_e intend to run another one ·to encourage up-llnd– coming young poets. Ta luchair orainn go bhfuil mui d ag tabhairt an s eans do scriobhneoirf Gaeilge altannaf' a chui r i gclO. B' fheidir la el.gin go mbeadh muid abalta cuid de na h-altBJUlai' a .chuir ar fiil i bhf oirm l eabhar? There are numerous other activities t o occupy us in the month's aheao but of course we will be depending on· your continues support. With that suppor t we can provi9-e a 11 local 11 paper that is different from the rest. We can unite t he people of this ar ea with relatives and friends over~eas. Agus ma ta tuair im! agatsa a b'w~aith leat a phle cuir peann le paipear agua seol chugainn iad. Eanair 1981 Luach 25p. l1 R.ft N11114 The Hope of Tirgpnnel1 Lough Finn will still be ~here m;y f'riend arid tr~e mountains too I know, And the grass will still come fresh and green ~:~nd the fla...1ers grandly grow; The life of man 1.-dll be prolonged by science and its skills, When the mining starts in earnest f or the 'Gold' i n them thar hills. The sheep \·Till thri ve in good Qleen~ort i n Cu.mmeen and l·lollyr·oe, I n Derrynac;riel each luscious field will make the cattle grow; And when they dawdle lazily home . t he milk pail overfills, ' Cause f-ortune smiles on man and beast from the 1 gol d 1 in them thar hills. The :.rwE'ebarr a tide will ebb and flow :!S it's done for a mi.llion years, The silvery shoals 1-1ill coine t.o spawn le t the angler have no fears; And Serul will woo his Sheila ;'air and wed d t r all the frills, 'l.' hey 1 ll bl ess t he day the mining boys f ound ' gold' in the~ thar hi lls. False pr ophets we must. ostracise eSf:€Cially those of doom, God knows there are too many such in Dungloe, Gl€nties - Toome; r hey just protest to annoy the men 1.rho work t he pneunati c drills, To give us all a brighter life The 'gold' in them thar hills. 'il e agree with your unnamed Anon that strangers should. ·be barredt But only those who ....,rite and march apd ~ake for local discord; They're welcone if they come and do what the Roman motto bills, And let the ~ood work go ahead for the ' gold' i n them thar hills. Good docto~s say that one X-Ray gives out more radiation, Than all ~he mining carried on · across the ent ire nati on; So cheer up f riend, your mortal end wi ll be warded of f with pills, F'erhaps we 'll buy you et ernal youth wi t h t he ' gold' i n t hem thar hil ls. Lot~h Errige nestles in the shade beauti ful calm and mild, · Lough na mBreac could aptly be described 'the waters and the wild'. These l ovely scenes will now be known when all the Jacks and J ills, Go climbing up to see the boys get t he ' gold' in them thar hilla. Pa Ward 15/12/'80~ Filcarrach Fl~hing CoMittee in t he early 50 s.