Guth &Tuairim, Feabhra 1981

lml. 2 , Ul•ll. 12 Feabllra 198 1 Luach 25p. TORY FIGHTING FOR SU IVAL Ag an am seo anuraidh bhf an tAthair Dermot Peakin, S.J. ag obair in Zimbabwe (Rhoqesia), ait a raibh achrann agus triobloid go leor. Anois, ta semar sheiplfoeach ag na 62 teaghlach ar Oilean Thora[ 9 mile amach o chosta Th{r Chonaill. When I met Fr. Peakin last week he told me of the many problems facing his little island conununity. Along with the cold Atlantic storms which occasionally cut them off from civilization they have to fight official neglect and the couldn't - care - less attitude of the powers.that be. Fr. Peakin, on finding the · roads on the island a little like Zimbabwe's - they hadn't been tarred for twelve years, contac-ted the Donegal County Council but the County Engineer tGld him that they were outside their jurisdiction. The County Council's att"itude was to be similar to many others~. The go-ahead priest and his development committee also faced a brick wall when they pressed for a ferry service, a group water scheme, a regular electric supply, and other basic necessities. They found that GoverlU!lent departments had little interest in the island and preferred instead to pass the buck when asked to do anything. The people of this tiny community themselves though showed what they can do for themselvesl Fr. Peakin had the bright idea of staging a play on the entertainment starved i~land. It was something never attempted before and the first step was to acquire a suitable Gaeilg play. Scr:lobh siad ag Camus (eagra:locht naisiunt dramafochta) ag iarraidh orthu cupla drama a chuir acu, ach nf bhfuair siad go beag le freagra ar a le.itir. Ach i ndiaidh cupla seachtain thainig siad ar dhrama foirstineach agus chua~h -siad ar aghaidh le na l~iriu, ait a dtainig an damhuinteor scoile, Mary Corrigan agus Marie Nie Pbaid{n isteach _le cuidiu a thabhairt. N[ rai bh ait ar· bith ar an oilean foirstineach le drama a chuir ·ar staitse amhain sean stor a rai bh diesel, moin, 7rl., a choinne~il ann agus bh{ droch bhail ar an ait. D 1 iarr siad £100 ar Roin.n na Gaeltachta le na /,. ) choiri~ suas. Arrs theip orthu a fhail, agus chuaigh siad fein ar aghaidh sa deireadh, chruinni gh siad le cheile, choirigh siad na fuinneoga:(, ghlan siad amach an ait agus pheinteail siad e. The play was eventually staged and it was a tremendous success. Cn t he first night they made £100 on the door and the people just couldn't get enough of it. Their spirit and comr.:unity effort has shown what can be done, but there are many challenges ahead. A small island, cut off as it is cannot survive without help, and failure to recognise Tory's problems will result in the islanders leaving their homes and resettling on the mainland. Sadly some of them have already crossed the nine miles of sea to live in Machaire Rabhartaigh and Falcarrach. Will Tory end up like Gola and many other islands? Hopefully, election promises will be fulfi lled and hopefully Donegal County Council will wake up. For now however, Fr. Peak in and his parishi::mers could do with a.few plays . for . their next production. · TutHortb wist SvirvJV111t, Clu The swimming pool at Ostan na Rosann is being made available to the North-Western region on a long-term lease. The pool would be run by a committee representing the i nterest and safety of the communi ty that wi shes to use it. The County Council are willing and prepared to help out if a voluntary contribution is forthcoming locally. A suffi cf £6,000 is needed basically to get the venture off the ground. rr you are willing to have a say in this contricution it is suggested that a voluntary sum of £1 per family, individual, club, ass ociation, etc. be submi tted. On behalf of the Treasurer, contri buti ons can be collected by any of the acting committee or through school principals/headmasters. Contributicns can also be sent by direct post to s Donal Johnson, Hon. Treasurer, Meenmore, Dungloe. It would be helpful if contributions would be accompanied by a list of the number of interested persons in a family, club, association, etc. or the name of any individual subscriber. An e~rly responce will be appreciated.