Guth & Tuairim, Samhain 1980

tmt 2 Uimh. 9 gut~tuairim BATTLES FOR SURVIVAL "Guth 7 Tuairim" nrst ap_peared in April 19?9 as four photostat sheets (8 pages} stapled together. 372 copies were sold and the following month the paper was printed,·increased in size to 10 pages and increased in price. The photographs came out very badly in the second issue, but in spite of this it sold well and the third edition was increased in size to twelve pages. Since those days the paper has become well established and it now enjoys a circulation of over 2,000 copies per month, with sales on the increase all the time. It is circulated in the area between Fa~carrach and Dunglo~, but is bought by people from as far away as Creeslough and Leitir. It also sells in Glasgow, Manchester~ London and Dublin. Unfortunately, the cost of printing is extremely high, with the result that the paper is losing money at the moment. Neamhchosuil le "Amarach" mar shampla, nfi "Guth 7 Tuairim" ag fail deontas no cuidiu dq chfneal ar bith. Mar sin caide mar. ata an p&ipear ag maireachtail? "Guth 7 Tuairim" depends largely on sales for revenue, with advertising making a smaller contribution. Most magazines and newspapers which are not subsidised survi\re on advertising, but because "Guth 7 Tuairim" is published monthly it cannot ~ompete with weekly papers for ads and because it doesn't cover a big enough area ads can sometimes be difficult enough to get. Therefore, we are depending on sales to make money and thankf'ully sales are increasing.all the time. Samhain 1980 Luach 25p. 25p~ "Guth 7 Tuairi~" has gone to the dogs. It is a sad fact however, that we cannot keep pace with rising costs and inflation. What most people tend to forget is that the printer and the shopkeeper must get their share of the price, so that the profit to be made is minimal. Faced with this situation we have no choice but to increase the price substantially. It is a gamble and if it fails it will be the end of "Guth 7 Tuairim". But we are optimistic that you the public will appreciate our position and continue to support us as you have done during the last twenty months. we are providing a paper that is <Ufferent., that is completely free from· all_ties and that offers ~ the opportunity whenever you feel to voice your opinions. If 25p is too high a price to ,Pay we will call it a day - with regret. Ach ta suil againn go mbeidh muid i ndan leanstan ar aghaidh. Har a duirt muid 'san chead eagran ta scr1obhneoirf thar barr ins an cheantar seo agus be .mhaith linn ar gcuid leathanaigh a choinneail foscailte doibh. Time will tolU EAGRAN An \QlReACCct\lS It you missed the special Oireachtas edition of "Guth 7 Tuairia 11 which we published during the Festival in Gaoth Dobhai~ there are a limited number of copies still available. Just send a postal order for 40p to: "Guth 7 Tuairim",Doire Beaga. Sean Teach Phobail Ghort ~ Choirce blianta fada o shoin.