Guth & Tuairim, Lúnasa 1980

IML. 2. UIMH. . 5. Sir Walter Raleigh is said to be the gentleman who first introduced the potato to Ireland - bringing it all the wa1 from South America. That was in 1584 and we've never looked back. Ar an droch uair duinn theip ar na tortha! ins na daicheidi do'n naou c~ad deag agus fuair na milliuin b!s leis an ghorta a lean. Undaunted, we now eat more 'spuds' than ever especially in the form of chips and crisps. Along with the British we seem t~ have made these our national diet. We've now got our own crisps factory - on the Industrial Estate in Gaoth Dobhair. And judging from the number of Cates springing up all over the area the demand for potato chips seems to be enormous. The handy, tasty, hot bag of chips is definitely here to stay. But is it value for money or are we paling the price tor our hot .potatoes? few years ago potatoes were scarce and they rocketed in price. Naturally there followed a stiff increase in the price of a bag of chips. ·Later, the price of potatoes came down - but not the price of chips. "Guth 1 Tuairim", noticing different sizes of bags n different Cafes and · also different prices being charged, decided to investigate to find out which n n chippie was giving best value for money. ~ LUNASA 1980 LUACH 20p. VALUE FOR MONEY? o we sent out a team of hungry chiF-caters who covered most cafes in the three parishes. Here is what they found!- Rosie Mhor's in Falcarrach was best value, partly because they only charged 25p (as did Ga:llagher 1 s Cafe in Falcarrach), whereas all other cafes charge~ 30p. The large~t bag we found in Paddy Og's in Crolly (4• x 6"= 24.50 .) which charged 30p. The smallest was in Anagaire Care which admittedly bad by far the tastiest chips. we measured these bags from one or two examples from every cafe and it 1 s possible that they might sometimes use larger bags. It so we will only be too happy to hear from them. Also; we missed some cafes because I hear there is now one in Loch an luir and possibly one in Rann na Feirste. We find it strange that there are so many different sizes of bags and feel that there should be a standard bag and also that the prices comn1ission or some such body should fix a maximum price. For instance, some cafes also had a large bag available and in at least one the large bag in proportion to the small one was 12p dearer. We'd like to hear the views of the public on this and indeed on other consumer affairs. Biodh bhur nguth le c1uinstin~ ~ Size of bag Sq. inches per ~enny 25p 22.2b 0.891 25p 21.56 0.862 30p 25.50 0.850 Bu.-r Wl'lERtl -~ ARE -rH£0 /on yowR 1. Rosie Mhor (Falcarrach) CH•Pr 1 }pLPmzsrtR.. 2. Gallagher's Cafe (FfS:lcarrach) wA•-rER • / (.1'--r ... ~v·p,t: 3 Paddy Og 1 s (Crol1y) "t ~ £!;:!_· -rV:,:m 4: Eamonn Eoghain (Gaoth Dobhair) "I rn•c,qo-<:1-jJPS 5. Burtonport Cafe Doherty 1 s Dungloe ' PadraiF- Mhiof (Gaoth Dobhair) 6. Mooney T s Cafe (Gaoth Dobhair) lr ll ~O"L:> •se 7. 1rd na gCeapaire (Gaoth Dobhair) 8. Anagaire Care 30p 24.49 0.816 30p 21.66 0. ?22 30p 21.66, 0.722 30p 21.66 sq,in. 0.722 30p 21.20 · 0. 706 30p 19.44 0.648 30p 18.82 . 0.627 1·:ayor of the Hosses-::icJ·.ael \.rearing his chain of office.