Guth & Tuairim, Iúil 1980

GUTH NA NOG Under 10 Painting Competition• Ta ~encilcase, __crayons __agus pencils daite le baint. , Last month's winner: Aine NI Anluain, Cnoc na gCaorach, l. Clochin Liath. 6 • Jf. Italian river To lay a·t~ upon Something remaining - as a memorial of a saint for example An armed guard A want l'ays back Therefore To know again A common colour Not mad ~ 12 A marble statue almost 28 feet high has ."been erected in Candeh, Maine, U.s.A. It is in memory of Capt. F.anson Gregory – who perfected the technique of making the hole in the d o'ughnut - in 1847. Seats of Kings Theatrical dance CROSFHOCAL Eaten widely in China -& India The achievements of a .hero told in a long story Lost These are fitted with runners for sliding in the snow Foreign F r h . "Guth T .. " D . To endeavour r.eagra~ c ~1g 7 ua1r1m , o1re Beaga. Ainm ...................................... Seola.dh •••••••••••••• • •.•••••••••••••••••• Aois •••••••••••••••• By mouth T~ £2 le ba1nt. - _ Last month' a winner: Pain Padraig MacGairbhe, .Loch an Iuir. 1. Which group made the charts recently with "Food for Thought"? 1 2. John, Paul, George and '' , J)o l ~ ? J. During which month in 1977 did Elvis Prealey die? .. , 4• Who is lead singer with Queen? fi!11J Seoladh:- Doire Beaga. Freagra! chuig "Guth 7 Tuairim", Doire Beaga === Ta £2 ~le baint. Last month's winner:_: nuJZ Sally N! Dhuibhix:, Carraic an tSe_~cain. ~ --- TARABUSES I "Le:n u Room , 'hery Friday ~ndSunda.y & . J Rs Disco every Tue. the BARLEVCORN in Eabaret -sTARLITE RooM 10-12 PLus Dancing To Jackie & The Top Stars 12-2 ~ FRIDAY 11th - CHEEKY & JR 1 s DISCO 12-2 d R.s f~~~l\_ 3/,TURDAY 12th - I N CABAREI' - TEE MAHERS & JR' s DISCO 12-2 J. ., SUNDAY 13th- JACKIE & TOP STARS & JR's DISCO 10-2 i I un e TUESDAY 15th - BARLYCORN I N CONCERT 10-12 & DANCING TO TOP STARS 12-2 d SCQ Q g WEDNESDAY 16tb -THE TIMES .· OPEN EVERY NIGHT THURSDAY 17th - TONIGHT AND EVERY THURSDAY LATE NIGHT DISCO IN JR 1 s ll-2 i I 9-11·30