Guth & Tuairim, Meitheamh 1980

IML. 2 UIMH. 3 Ta conspoid ar siul ar an Eastat Tionsclaiochta i nGaoth Dobhair le tamall anuas mar go bhfuil Gaeltarra ag druid 2 gheatta isteach go dt! an Eastat o 5.30 achan trathn6na go dti B.oo ar maidin agus fosta achan deireadh seachtaine, agus go bhtuil muintir na h-aite ag gearr!n go bhfuil seo ag cur isteach go mor orthu. Deir Gaeltarra nach raibfi rogha ar bith acu ach na geafta1 a dhruid mar go raLbh gadaiocht ar siul go forleathan on East!~. Bhi ibhar togala go h-ll.irithe 6. ghoid. · • :-. ~ The entire Industrial Estate, known locally as "an Sc~eabln" is fenced otf except for three entrances. The main entrance, facing Machaire Chlochair remains open all the time but two other entrances which t .ake you on to Cois Clldaigh and Carraic a 1 tSeascain are shut outside normal working hours. Local people and workers are annoyed by the inconvenience of the closed gates and point out that the ar-ea now blocked by Gaeltarra is a "right of way", has been for years and that they have no legal right to interfere. They also claim that closing the gates would not seriously deter anybody intent on stealing anything from the estate because the main entrance remains wide open and anyway it would only take two minutes to remove . the lock and open the gates. It is also claimed that most of the theft took place during normal working hours so that it was an internal problem, and also that the onus was on the like Walls to provide adequate security on their sites, e.g. by fencing off the building area - normal practice on similar sites elsewhere. Ach deir Gaeltarra go bhfuil ga le druid na ngeafta1 agus gur polasai fadtearmach e seo. The only other alternative they say is to employ security men around the clock and the cost of this would be enormous. They say it would not be practical to store building material, etc. in a compound every night. They also point out that they are providing pedestrian access to the estate:- The "right of way" issue is very complicated but they say there was never more than a broken track there - one of several which criss-crossed the area now covered by the estate. MEITHEAMH 1980 LUACH 20p. So, is this the price we have to pay for Industrialization? An bhfuil an ceart ag Gaeltarra na geafta1 a dhruid? Cad chuige nach bhfuil an Ceardchumann ag seasamh suas do na h~oibrithe? An e seo bothar poibl1 agus mas e caide p!irt an. Chomhairle Contae s'an soeal? Ta cuid mhor ceisteanna gan freagra agus ba mhai th linn tuair1m1 an phobail a fhail - go h-lirithe duine ar bith a bhfuil tionohur ag druid na ngeaftai air. B!odh bhur nguth le cluinstinl 19 year old Ann Byrne from Warrenpoint will represent Co. Down in the "Mary From Dungloe••· competition. The Church of Ireland, IXulgloo.