Guth & Tuairim, Meitheamh 1980

So most of our athletes are Hoscow bound in search ·or Olympic Medals. After much debate we are sending our sporting ambassadors to. the Political circus that will be Hoscow 1980. While the unfortunate Afghan nation suffers death and destruction at the hands of the soviet invaders we as a nation turn a blind eye. Ta daoine ag argoint nach . bhfuil ceangal idir sport agus polait!ocht. · Cuimhnigh ~r Hitler i 1936'. The athletes of the world have waited four years. Some are now at their peak and will be past their best by 1934 . But by going to Noscow they are approving Russia's aggression and inviting the communist dictatorship to continue its expansionist ambitions and threat to world peace. The 1984 olympics ••• (7) n An tEa arthoir" • !TI~U~g ____ ~_f We wish Ned Gillespie who's going to Canada for three weeks holidays the best of luck. There is no truth in the rumour that he's staying in Canada because he's afraid the Uranium mining in Fintown would endanger his health. Luckily most people in the area had the turf saved before the weather broke. The good dry spell · hadn't pleased everyone; we know of a few people who had sore knees from praying for rain for their crops. Braade airstrip has been very busy in the last few weeks with planes landing daily, and recently two sick people were flown to hospital in Dublin. A farmer from Fifeshire in Scotland landed there one Sunday recently and who should he meet but a man who worked for him in Scotland a few years ago - Willie Hanlon. Naturally they had a few drams before the farmer departed for Scotland. Rann na Feirste had a convincing win over Glenties at Tra na Locha recently winning by .11 p.ts . to 3. Outstanding for Rann na Feirste were Cormac Og, Frankie McFadden, Donald Sharkey, Charlie the Yank and Frankie Pat but man of the match was Dinnie fhaddy who scored 6 points. Joe Bonner made a bit of History when he stood sponsor for the 22nd time, for his brother's baby. Hughie McFadden was the first around here to dig new potatoes- a. very early variety called "sharp express" Some people saY, they were pony express from Dublin. I The Junior Band finished second in the band competition at "Feile Anagaire" on Sunday, 1st June, with only a two point rnarjin between them and the Winners. There was no real damage caused to the hall by the fire which started late on Saturday night, luckily it was seen in time and thanks is expressed to everybody who helped to get it under control. A disco held in the hall recently was a great success. There will be discos throughout the Summer and details of the dates etc. will be published in next month's issue of "Guth 7 Tuairim". BIRTHS Congratulations to the following couples on their new arrival:- , Maire agus Domenick Bonner, Coit!n (gasur) J oan agus Jimmy Sweeney, Marameelan, Dungloe (girseach) Susie agus Eamonn McBride, M!n Doire na Slua (gasur) · Chris agus Larry McQuaid, Fa"lcarrach { " ) i ~ .... ... (I)' . 2 flriaga1re The revived. Anagaire festival proved to be a tremendous success over the Whit weekend and crowds thronged the area. Preparations started in earnest on Friday evening when the men of the parish assembled in the car-pari and proceeded to put up bunting all over the place. Fred was so enthusiastic that he got his socks wet. Fr. Des Sweeney opened the · festival and the Feis on Saturday had a large entry from all over the county. We'd like to take this opportunity incidentally of welcoming Fr. Sweeney to the parish. . On Saturday also a seven-a-side soccer competition for men and ladies was held in the "Banks" which attracted 2.1 teams. Sunday was the day for the Bands and this competition attracted huge crowds. The car-park proved to be an excellent location for the event and thanks to excellent organization and good work by the stewarts it took just two hours to parade and judge 12 bands. In the ~enipr competition Keadue were deserved winners with ~errybeg coming second. Loch an Iuir added to their recent triumphs by winning the junior section with Mullaghduff coming 2nd. Sadly Monday brought an end to the good weather but the rain didn't dampen the proceedings and a large crowd gathered at the Banks to see the Athletics and then to see Annagry Utd. win the men's football by defeating Keadue. The Ladies sevens which proved to be a. big attraction was won by Ramelton. There was also highly entertaining penalty-taking competitions which were won by Liam Sweeney from Loch an Iuir and Bridle Fealty from Fanad. After the football there was an exciting tug~o-war . competition behind the national school in which G.F.E. team came out on top. The Anagaire Ladies didn't do too badly either and how could they fail with Ann Elizabeth as anchor-man• The weekend closed with a presentation dance in a . packed Jack's Lounge and Fr. Sweeney was again on hand to close the festival. And to show how civic-minded they were the organisers made sure the bunting came down on Tuesday~ Tying in nicely with the ceremonies a large number of children went to first communion on Sunday. So all in all it was a weekend to remember in Anagaire. Anagaire Utd. might have won the 7's but the stars were most definitely Duff'y' s bar. The "veterans" took on a Dublin team playing in Kerry Jerseys and if only their strikers hadn't gone on strike who knows In an inpromptu crowbar pulling competition in Jack's I'm afraid Paddy Johnnie Boyle let down the parish badly when he failed to bend the crowbar a feat achieved by a Gweedore man and a Keadue man. The trawler-moulds lying by the side of the road at Bun na mBeann are no great tourist attraction. Would. it be too IIIUCh to expect G.P.E. t remove them before the . visitors start arriving? It is not true that the scarecrow is a ladyt Talking about ladies - it was suggested that John Winnie should referee the ladies 7-a-side but somebody remarked - "What does he know about women?" Ta IIIUintir na haite an-bhroduil as na scolair! o scoil Anagaire a chuaigh isteach fa choinne ScrUdu Scolaireachta Phobal Scoil Chloich Cheann Fhaola 1980. Bhuaidh Deirdre N{ Bhaoill as Bun. na mBeann e ague fuair an 4 eile a shuigh an scrUdu an Ju, 4u, 6u agus 9U h-ait. MARRIAGES S!le agus Eugene Ferry, An Bunbeag (Twins - gasuir:O Mr. & Mrs. John Curran, Glaisarchu (gasU'r) Congratulations to the following happy couples:- Noir!n agus John Greene, Loch an Iuir (girseach) Maire N{ Ghallachoir to Cathal McCole, F&lcarrach Sadie agus Neil Boyle, Anagaire (gasur) Ann ~ne Portnoo, to Hugh Moy, Ailt a'Chorrain. Sympathy is extended to the family of the following:- R b . Mary Dsmc;hue, Machaire Rabhertaigh r· , asp err1es Aodh 0 D~naill, Rann ~~ Fei:ste ~ ~ Do na maist!n! a bhris fuinneoga! i bPobal Scoil ~a_ry McG}nley, C~oc a S~ola~~e · · Ghaoth Dobhair le gairid. ::ieamas 0 Gallachoir, Co~s Cl!idaigh . i' To the "Fo.triots" who seriously injured a member of T im Rodgers, Kerrytown , . ·· · this community recently. . Mary .Haloney, Carraic an tSeasca~n agus London · Roses Eddie,McFadden, Derryree~ • To Nurse Doherty, M!n Beannad for the work she does for Con 0 Donnell, Loch an Iuir T· S the old and underprivileged Cissy McNelis, Lackenagh DEA H .· To all those people who hel;ed.put out fires (often Mary l-!cGinley' Ardsbeg · started maliciously) which threatened houses and Neil o• Donnell, Anagaire ~ · property during the recent dry spell.